About Me

Hey, I’m Dani Attanasio! And in case you’ve been wondering, its “AT TEN NASS EEYO”. Actually, who really knows.. your guess is as good as mine.
I’ve been doing portrait and wedding photography since 2008. I can’t say where it all began but when I was younger I fell in love with LIGHT and all of it’s magical ways and got to explore film photography and darkroom developing in highschool. I love creating art and for me it’s grown to so much more than taking a pretty photo, but connecting with the person on the other side of the camera. Watching their story come to life. Seeing the layers peel back as they grow more comfortable and more expressive as we venture down the creative path of making artwork together. I love adventuring and trying new things, and love to work with couples who are so crazy happy to be alive and be doing life together.

I was born and raised in Nebraska and met my husband in the 3rd grade. He was so cute I chased him down and we’ve been married since 2008. We have two kids, Scout and Copeland. I love summer nights, cold brew, macrame, exercising (weird, but true.), campers, coloring with really sharp crayons, our cat Priya, and taking naps.

My life has been given so much joy because my sins have been forgiven through the love my Savior.

Thanks for getting to know me. Now let’s make some art!

– Dani Attanasio


(photos below by Jared Goertzen of Moment it Clicks Photography)