About Me

I’ve been able to chase this little dream of photography professionally since 2008. Even though most of my junior high and highschool days involved plenty of disposable cameras and spending my allowance money getting the prints developed. I love creating art and doing what I do because I’m able to be a big nerd and hang out with other people who are really just big nerds lovin life too. Sorry I called you a nerd. But really, laugh at yourself once in a while for the awesomely awkward person that you are. :)

I’m married to my highschool sweetheart and we have a daughter, Scout, who is a whole year old. WHAT. Drew and I have been married 7 years and he is set to graduate dental school in May 2016. After that, I’d love venture around this crazy beautiful world and create some amazing experiences with our cute family. I mean, we really are cute though.

I like to make people laugh, even though I would definitely call myself an introvert. I love being outside, running, camping, skipping, napping, exploring. I usually have about 10 projects going at a time because when I see something I like, I think, “I could totally make that on my own.” 50% of the time I’m successful. I think sushi is gross, but you could probably win me over with candy. I’m also quite fond of campers, kittens, thunderstorms and The Walking Dead. Also Scout.

My life has been given so much joy because my sins have been forgiven and I’ve been redeemed by the love of my savior, Jesus Christ.

I cant wait to hear more about YOU and see how your story unfolds when your life meets the lens.

– Dani Attanasio