Uottawa Residence Agreement

If you have booked a room yourself, but have made a mistake, contact our team to see if anything can be done on residence@uOttawa.ca. Don`t withdraw your offer or turn it down. If you are a student with a guarantee in the residence, the deposit must be paid at the time of requesting or booking your room. Note that your booking is only completed after receiving your $700 down payment. While sound is a common feature of housing, it is important to be aware of the effects of the sounds you (and your guests) create. Excessive noises (i.e. loud music, loud speeches) disrupt your roommates` right to a peaceful learning and living environment. Be sure to keep things particularly calm during quiet hours (11 p.m to 7 a.m. Monday to Friday; 9 .m on Saturdays; 12 .m Sunday). During the last exam season (December, April), rest periods are spread daily over 24 hours. These quiet hours are available to ensure that people can sleep, study or rest without worry. If you choose to drink, make sure you are with people you trust, and that`s your own choice. The legal age for drinking alcohol and buying alcohol in Ontario is 19 years old.

Even if alcohol is purchased legally, you must still be 19 years old to consume in residence. When drinking in designated common areas, use plastic or metal containers and avoid glass. When drinking, avoid activities/accessories that promote speed consumption and try to limit yourself to about 1 drink/hour. Also avoid mixing alcohol with other substances. Smoking or evaporation of cannabis is not permitted in the residence; However, you can do this in designated smoking areas on campus. Be sure to follow all national and federal guidelines on the safety of cannabis use for your own safety, including purchasing from legal retailers aged 19. The recommended use of public health should not be used until 25. While you can smoke in some areas, the persistent smell of cannabis remains a problem for the community. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of cannabis does not have an impact on your community. You may have in your unit up to the legal limit of 30 g, but you cannot grow or cook with cannabis in residence. Once your acceptance has been cancelled or withdrawn from the University of Ottawa, you must also go to the apartment gate and cancel or withdraw your application for residence or offer. If money is owed to you, you must request the refund in uoZone, otherwise the balance will remain in your student account.

Contact us at the residence@uOttawa.ca. Do not withdraw your offer or reject it. The residence contract and the code of conduct and disciplinary procedure, as well as all the current additional bodies, describe the guidelines that students comply with when adopting their residence contract. The policy aims to create a safe and attractive living atmosphere in which students can prosper academically, socially and personally. The residence`s employees work within the community to help everyone understand and follow the guidelines and intervene if necessary. Where possible, the purpose of staff intervention is to educate students and seek their cooperation and commitment to avoid further problems. Monitoring can range from sanctions to simple preventive measures, and conditions can be applied depending on the circumstances. The top priority is to protect the safety of all students living in the residence. For students in Ottawa, the student residence will be no better than the Saint Paul University residence.