The Four Agreements To Change Your Life

Everything you`ve learned, you`ve learned by repeating and practicing. You learned to speak, you learned to walk, you even learned to write while rehearsing. You are a master of the word of your language because you have practiced. It`s the same way you learned all the beliefs that dominate your life: through practice. The way they live your life right now is the result of a long practice. In the best-selling “The Four Accords,” Don Miguel Ruiz, based on Toltec`s ancient wisdom, gives four principles they can practice to create love and happiness in your life. The adoption and commission of these agreements is simple. When they read the wisdom of Don Miguel, many people have their eyes open to a new possibility of life. Apart from that, the only rule that really changed my life didn`t take anything personally. Ruiz is right to say: “Gossiping has become the main form of communication in human society. It`s become the way we feel close, because it makes us feel better that someone else feels as bad as we do. We all do it and we don`t realize the damage it does to others. I can`t imagine how many hours I spent arguing about what someone had said about me, usually through the rumor mill.

This anger was so bad, stressful and a total waste of mental energy. I read somewhere that our mind treats an average of 60,000 thoughts a day, and that every day we process 90% of the same thoughts of the day before. It is therefore obvious that when our mind is occupied by anger and negativity, we have very little time for positive and productive thinking. This can be harder to grasp if you are a mathematician (do you get it? All the x and the y? No? All right. Avoid misunderstandings by communicating correctly. Find the courage to speak out and ask questions. It`s huge. It`s one of the hardest to reach, but also the one that has the most to offer (and that`s Tom`s favorite mantra). Nothing that others do happens because of you. How others act, what they say and what they do is rooted in their own “dream,” as Ruiz says.

This dream refers to the implicit reality that is intertwined in others. Everyone is educated to see their world through their own lens and there are many things in life that are simply a-a-controlling. At the end of the day, you are only responsible for yourself and your actions. The idea is that over time, the impact of other people`s opinions has become a very strong force in the habits we have created in our lives. During this process, we have made “agreements” in our minds about who and what we should be.