Sierra College Transfer Agreements

Discover the universities and learn more about the different transfer routes with the resources listed below. Career and Transfer Connections works with students, teachers and collaborators, industry experts and four-year university representatives to facilitate the relationships that facilitate students` careers and transfer preparation. Our goal is to enable students to know and equip them with tools to achieve their goals. We associate students with four-year university representatives, share four-year university resources and general transfer path information, and help students familiarize themselves with the university transfer application process. Articulation is the course evaluation process to determine whether courses taught in one higher education institution meet the requirements of another institution for admission, transferable units, general education or primary education. If your current college is not listed below, contact SNU Admissions at or 866-412-4636 for more information on the transfer of your existing credits. If you have any questions about courses or requirements, please contact your admissions advisor at We are here to make the transfer process as simple as possible. Academic planning is the key to successful transfer and it`s never too early to start exploring your transfer options. During your studies at Norco College, you can begin your general training and the most important preparation courses for the transfer.

Use the following resources to begin your transfer journey. The articulation agreements between community colleges and CSUs (California State University) and UCs (University of California) are available on the website. Below are links to the latest articulation agreements between Butte College and a limited number of California Community colleges, independent colleges and universities in California and non-governmental institutions. These agreements should serve as a guide, but changes are frequent. For help and up-to-date information, please meet with one of our advisors. If you need more information, please contact the Registry Office at (951) 785-2006 or Sierra College students currently enrolled and 18 years of age or older at the beginning of their internship can receive a credit. Students enrolled in a high school are currently not eligible.

Students must have a confirmed internship with a new and advanced apprenticeship related to their educational or career goal. Students must have a declared (primary) program of study, at least one semester of higher education, a total of 2.0 GPA and be enrolled in at least one other class in addition to the internship (except in the summer). You`ll make the most of your precious time as our college strives to ensure a quality learning experience. You will receive a loan and receive assistance from a Sierra College professor if you work under the supervision of an internship site manager. We formalize your internship with forms to clearly identify your experiences and expectations.